Deliciously Refreshing Kombucha

About Us

Our intention is to make ecological kombucha of exceptional quality available to everyone in a sustainable way

We bottle our drinks in amber glass to protect them from the action of direct sunlight and thus preserve all their properties.

We create exclusive flavors prepared by unique method and make healthy and tasty fermented drinks.

We use only 100% natural ingredients and strive to abide by the three R's (reduce, reuse and recycle). So not only do we offer the highest quality Kombucha, but we produce it sustainably.

We proceed with total care and lave in great atmosphere so they can enjoy what they consume.

Our Passion

Through our shared passion for kombucha and fermented beverages, We started brewing Kombucha called “Kompassion” While building our own Kombucha brewery and setting up the business, we accessed to multiple resources and established codes of practice in making kombucha. After successfully established our business, We are receiving excellent reviews from our customers. Now it has become a successful and respected business that makes the best natural Kombucha in United Kingdom. We are distributing to retail sector such as Convenient Stores, Hotel&Restaurants, Speciality stores, etc, you can also buy online and receive your Kombucha directly at home. Due to the rapid development of the biosphere, a return to the initial values of this movement is necessary. Bio is not a brand. Instead of looking for economic efficiency and increasing production, it is better to bet on a sustainable, social and ecological model; as part of a larger vision of a peaceful and healthy coexistence between each and every living thing. We are committed to an equitable model of inclusive and responsible economy, respecting the resources that our planet offers us.

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